This Is Why Different Hair Shades Of Blonde Is So Famous!

different hair shade of women

So today article our major concern with different hair shades of blonde. Guys, I would first talk about how to keep your hair up-to-date with different hair shades of blonde.  We were asked all the time how I keep my hair blonde we were asked all the time what we use what I’ve done how we keep it healthy how we keep it from falling out so today we are going to be going through all of that and just showing you guys and telling you guys what we have done in the past now this is going to be slightly longer because we have tried out every shade of blonde.

We know different shades of blond for you guys.


First hair shade of blonde I’m going to  show you were one of my favorites and weirdly  enough it’s one of the ones I am having the  hardest time it was kind of warmer hair shade and I know it was a Revlon Color stay box believe it or not and it was absolutely phenomenal I loved that shade on myself I loved the warmth that was there  I really enjoyed this hair shade in this mostly roots were quite dark before that so it totally  lifted them to a great shade of blonde I completely recommend that product and I thought that was a great hair shade of blonde for you.

different hair shades of blonde


After this, I will surely recommend you to go blonder hair shade and that was where things got that like the tiniest bit frightening for you. I went to a very  light Platinum almost  blonde and this was so much fun  I loved having like almost white hair  um I thought  that was a fantastic  look we thought that it looked very brightening  it was so pretty and we absolutely loved it  and we know that we use first of the  L’Oreal Faria bleached blonde lightening system to actually lighten my roots and get them to match kind of what my hair was at  the time.

light platinum blonde hair shade


This  shade of blonde I’m sure I’ve already corrected  myself right here but that was a fun  look I loved having shade of  blonde I thought that  it was so cute and it was  amazing however it took a serious toll on my hair my hair was already really long it  was really  damaged I hadn’t had a cut in a really long time going over damaged hair again with that light of a blonde really took a toll on it so I wound up cutting a lot of it off it wasn’t  like a necessity my hair wasn’t falling out or anything however it just didn’t feel  very healthy so I cut a lot of  it off fast forward a bit and my hair was to the point where  I needed to touch up the roots again.

ash blonde hair shade


I used the L’Oreal Faria lightening kind of bleach system and then I went over it with a kind of dark blonde and I only went down to about my chin that dark  kind of blonde  light blonde ombre was a ton of fun I really really liked it however if you have ever done a kind of reverse  well not a reverse ombre but if you’ve ever done an opera and yourself where you have to take the top half of your head darker and leave this half  you know like blonde  as opposed to like bleaching up it’s very hard to  get that nice fade when you’re coming  down from the roots I feel like and I  really liked it.

dark hair shade of blonde


Light and Cooler blonde hair shades thought that was very very pretty  and I thought that having the blonde ombre was a lot of  fun it faded very fast it faded within four weeks every single time I was back to a light blonde and then my roots didn’t quite match so that  was a little difficult  but I did really  like it while it lasted right before I had this color on my head I actually used another Revlon Colorstay product and this was a warm blonde however I thought that it was the  one that I had um probably right around this time  last year the first like at home system that I had used and it was not I bought the wrong shade so I felt like my roots went really Orange I felt like the rest of my hair  was just a little  bit too warm  I didn’t like the colors I waited  a full month before I did this so I gave my hair about six weeks and then I finally did this now  this shade is one of the ones I’m most comfortable shade of blond with I feel like it’s probably a medium light blonde and I think it’s kind of cooler um hopefully  you guys can see the color okay  and this was  l’oreal faerie is light ash blonde or something like that and this was what originally to get the Platinum I used over the bleach Blonde system this is easily my favorite hair I like this the best on myself  I feel like  my roots to go a bit coppery the last time I bleached it but they always tend to I actually have never found a cure for  that it just  kind of goes away after a week for me  um but I really do love this and this is my  current favorite shade of blonde I’m probably gonna go the slightest bit lighter after  I give it a little bit of time to rehabilitate itself just for summer I love having that light hair.

light and dark hair shade of blonde

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