Why Latest Hair Color Trends Succeeds


Changing your hair color to the latest hair color trends is the basic need of modern women. We’ve seen all colors of the rainbow in popularity the past couple of years, but for next upcoming year, latest hair color is take a great part in modern era women. You can say selecting of new hair trends is not an easy task. It’s not wrong to say like deep red and midnight blue is ideal for girls quality. There are plenty of latest hair color trends for blondes to try out, like rose blonde, buttery blonde.

A number of questions I get asked about the latest hair color trends. That what is the right hair color trends for your skin tone? And I hear this all the time my skin is really dark so I could never be blonde or I have very gold undertones. So my hair could never be light and along with that not just that it’s not just about the lightness but there are other colors that I’ve totally heard people say like oh I can never be a redhead or I could never be this. The good news is you can be whatever you want and I’m not just saying that to be positive you can do whatever you want but that is the 100% truth as long as you have the right tone for your hair you can be whatever color on the scale from like brunette to blonde.

latest hair color trends

1-Warm Gold Tones

Before I even start speaking in before you think that, I am crazy. Let me just show you a picture of Beyonce and the picture of Rihanna and how amazingly gorgeous they look this blonde and so if they can be blonde with their beautiful warm skin tones anyone can. And the reason for that is because they have a correct tone for them. Now the upside to having warm gold tones in your skin is that you could have a lot more gold hair, get away with it, and make it look awesome. So if you see these two latest hair color trends that I just showed you there are actually pretty gold blonde but you see it as very bright and buttery and the reason for that is because in contrast to their skin it makes it look really bright and white.

atest hair color trends

2-Cool toned skin

Now someone that is cool toned skin. Even if they are very fair whether they’re fair or not but if they are cool tone normally a few gold tones in there will make it seem like it’s extremely orange because their face is almost wider than their hair does that make any sense. So a very quick and awesome trick that I learned a couple of years ago if you feel your hair is extremely brassy um up the bronzer that day and your hair will look amazing.

latest hair colour trends

3-Warm Skin Tone

So for warm skin tones you can have a lot more gold and a lot more warmth in the color even some orange gold pieces and that will work as an accent to your face. Not hurting so it will actually like enhance and make your face look really glowing so you have that kind of leeway space that some of us don’t have where you can be a little bit brassy But it looks amazing on you. Now what doesn’t look good is anything cool and let me show you a picture here of a warm skin tone with Ashley hair that doesn’t look as good as you can see her skin looks a lot more dull and almost lifeless. So she needs definitely the gold vibrant colors in her hair to make her feel alive not to make her feel but to make her look alive. And now for cool skin tones they need extremely cool ashy colors in their hair so this is what I was talking about this is what a lot of girls experience and that’s why they think like my hair still orange and sometimes like your hair is not Orange. It’s just that you have a cool complexion and therefore your hair needs to be extremely ashy so don’t think that like oh people with cool skin tones have it a lot harder because they have to always have ashy colors. The thing with that is normally their hair will pull up a lot Asher naturally so it is much easier to make someone with cool skin toned a lot a share.

4-Cool Skin with Golden Kind of Tones

I will show you a picture of someone with cool skin with golden kind of a tones in the hair where it doesn’t look right so you kind of get a better understanding of what that looks like.

Same thing with redheads red is so so diverse to have cool bluish almost purpley toned reds and then you have the intense rich warm Reds that have like orange undertones yellow gold undertones. So again, you can be a redhead so many people that have like a lot of pink red in their skin they think that oh my gosh and totally need to stay away from red I’m trying to get rid of this red I don’t want red around my face. But the good thing about that is if you do have red in your hair and you make your hair even more red then the red on your skin doesn’t look that bad or it doesn’t really look like it is red. Because you know what your hair is so much more red so that I focuses on that it’s just a matter of if you have a lot of pink in your skin you’re probably cool.

latest hair color trends


So now if you’re neutral you can kind of go a little bit of both ways and that’s what I am and that’s why I think lot of people think that my hair is extremely blonde or creamy white or very ashen my hair is not ashy.

So now figure out what your skin tone is there’s another chart here that will help you kind of decide one of the easiest ways is to look at your veins on the inside part of your arm and the color of your veins if you come up pretty blue then you are cool tone. And if your veins look a little bit more greenish. And if your skin almost a yellow and you are warm. I’ve mentioned this before, for years I’ve known about that and I would like check and it was like some days I felt like I was blue some days I felt like I was green and it was just like why can’t I could get this out like I do color for a living seriously. Like why can’t I figure my own color out and then I realized like I am a troll like and that is why I like it doesn’t really look like a specific color and a lot of you guys might happen so that just kind of gives you the power of control and that you can be warm or cool. You just have to stick to one you can’t be you know cool eyes and gold hair and then you know cool outfit or whatever you have to like stick to one in order for to look good again.

latest hair color trends


Let you know that first date card before you know learn you know red and blue and yellow and green and orange ummm teachers should sit you down and be like let’s figure out what you know each and one. I guess skin tone is just to make it a little bit easier in breezier in the years to come and that’s kind of the same thing that I feel that we should all do with our colors we should embrace the color. You are and just make it awesome not trying to fight it not try and like change it even though I do change my hair color I obey my skin tone that makes any sense.


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