Boost Your Long Hair Style For Women With These Tips

long hair style

Welcome back to our blog today I wanted to cover the top trendiest long hairstyle for women I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my own hair and how I get it cut but I also wanted to talk a little bit about the long hairstyle that you’ll be seeing everywhere this year in general so first. I want to start with what I do with my hair when I go to my hairdresser so I’m asking for long and invisible layers and I guess that sounds very vague but you’re going to the right person they know what it means so I don’t know if you remember but with the whole layer thing started probably in the switch Jennifer Aniston, it was very like you could see the stares from like here to the bottom that was really cool down. And I totally rocked it when I was like we have evolved since then and it’s all about that effortless feel to the hair that kind of like my hair just you know I woke up from a nap and it just looks like this that’s where the soft and visible layers come into play and what they do is basically just spread out the layers all over the hair and they’re very not defined what you want to achieve is having that soft weightless type of feel to your hair. Especially in the back a lot of people will cut it short to make the hair frame the face in the front but then you want to make sure that in the back it also is not heavy and it has that movement that you want to create so that’s definitely my goto haircut and for someone that has long hair for a woman it’s been the proven tactic to give that effortless look the second haircut.



The next long hairstyle is kind of an extension of the Bob and that’s the log the mob is about mid-neck to about shoulder height and some of my favorite stars are wearing it right now rosy huh hunting like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is rocking one of the best ones she has a serious hair game going for her with the LOB I love when they make it that like textured wavy type of feel to it and you can put it to the side you can split it down the middle it looks really good and really sexy on most people that I know round faces if you have a long face as well you know what I mean it’s just like the kind of length  that really complements most face shape there’s a lot of people that walk down the street and I just like past them and be like oh you would look so good with the lob but that’s not socially appropriate to say so most of the Hollywood stars today are getting into that especially now with the summer days also a really easy long hairstyle to maintain.

long hair style


Next hairstyle is something that really has my heart and that’s the curtain bangs that’s the one long hairstyle that I literally can’t even dream of ever having because me with bangs is just not okay it just doesn’t work it’s not good but a lot of my French fashion muses and beauty muses are rocking Kern bangs and bangs is basically banks but just there long enough where they just spread kind of down the middle and there’s really a way to choose it up
like she’s a makeup artist and she takes as a few dry shampoo engines used it up right here and it gives you like this beautiful frame to the face and again it’s kind of like you’re committing to bangs but not really because there long enough that you can kind of attach them to the rest of your hair or put them back with a clip there’s enough length there that you can kind of see how you feel that day so that’s again a very Jane Birkin type of look that just gives you that a little I want to say something French but I don’t know what usually is your book so curtain banks is definitely on my radar and if you can rock it and get it I urge you to do that then we have a long hairstyle that is coming back really strong from the sand that’s the shed but that’s like the new shag is really really rocking and roll and I really think it looks cool it looks cool no math like shaggy like that’s shagging no I don’t know what it stands for but I am sure that my subscribers will know so let us know the new shag is basically you have the bangs they’re kind of long ish then you have layers but it goes up to about shoulder length.

Soulder length hairstyle for women

I would say the one person that I keep thinking about when I think about the shag is the lead singer from The Doors Jim Morrison can you google that I think we should know it’s an all time like classic rock and roll band youth when I think about the shadow I think about Jim Morrison which brings all the right skills so if you are really kind of into that rock and roll satisfied I mean it is an updated haircut now and it looks much better these days then it looks back then but  that’s what that I’ve been seeing quite a bit on the runways especially so the last but not least is something that I’ve been really loving seeing everywhere actually on the streets street style on the runways is girls that are embracing their natural textured hair and not conforming necessarily to what the current beauty standards or the past beauty standards and you see it everywhere in the runway girls with big hair with big curls tiny curls there’s so much going on and I think that it’s so beautiful to see the diversity and all the kind of beauty in it so I thought that really brought even a big element into the fashion industry in general, I love seeing that the individuality of each girl so if you are you know always been straining your long hair maybe try to look into just embracing its kind of let it go wild because that’s it’s really happening this season so that’s it.


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