6 Ways Skin Care Tips Will Help You Get More Unique


These skin care tips give you unique stand out, similarly, blackheads skin gives a really dull expression. In other words, you can say perfection is everything. Mostly tiny black spots known as blackheads appear around the nose, forehead, and chin due to these parts of the body skin become uncleaned and rough. The main purpose of The dull and rough skin is an oily substance called sebum, when sebum mixes with dead skin cells or dirty blocking glands it’s lead to the formation of blackheads around the different body parts.

Today I am going to give you my top skin care tips for creating flawless blemish free and glowing skin. And you may think I’m going to show you a whole ton of skin care beauty products but in actual fact, I’m not. I am 110 percent completely honest with you guys creating flawless blemish free looking skin. Starts from what you feed your skin from within so it starts with your diet and what you eat I could sit here and give you a whole ton of complete and utter and show you a whole lot of products perf idiot links below earn a ton of money off you guys and that would be it. But it’s not right and it’s not true and I want to help you create flawless looking skin with the help of my skin care tips. Because I do not believe that you will be more confident and happier we have been able to wear less makeup and just enjoy the skin that you were born with blemish free and even if you have blemishes that’s normal that’s natural. I still get one spot and every time I’m during my period and that’s okay so don’t panic if you do get blemishes or acne or you’ve got scars or birthmarks, pimples or beauty marks you know what that’s what makes you unique. And everybody’s skin is beautiful no matter what you have on it so embrace it be grateful you have skin and do the best you can to give your skin the healthiest amount of love you can the skin is the biggest organ on our body it is what we see first so you have to look after it.

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1-Applying a cold damp towel

Let’s get started one of the best skin care tips I’ve always used to keep my skin looking fresh is applying a cold damp towel all over my face. After I’ve cleaned it my mama taught me the second one and that is to always keep your skin hydrated no matter what the drier skin the more prone you are to wrinkles and aging so just keep it moist.

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2-Use Olay

Then I’m going to use my go-to Olay Total Effects in one-night moisturizer my skin is really prone to getting dry. And this moisturizer hydrates it’s so well you know that feeling when sometimes even after you put on moisturizer your skin still feels kind of dry well not with this one I’m going to liberally apply this all over my face.

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3Fresh Green Juice

Have great skin you have to have a healthy diet that’s why I always start my mornings with a fresh green juice. I just got a new juicer and I’m loving it I love making my juice with kale spinach green apple-celery cucumber lemon and ginger Cheers.

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4-Drink water

Drink water it’s the most said beauty tip in the world. I believe and it’s one that we all overlook we either use excuses like we forget we can’t be bothered we don’t need to drink it we don’t like the taste of it. It does not taste good enough listen if you have a tap that you can turn on, get drinking water take full advantage, and be grateful that you have that that luxury millions of people over in the world don’t have that luxury to clean drinking water so don’t take it for granted and drink your water guys honestly. When you drink water it hydrates your skin it also helps to flush out the toxins it helps with digestion, it helps with your bowel movements going to the toilet our bodies are made to be a cleaning and machine with our kidneys and our liver detoxifying. The chemicals in our body are flushing out things it doesn’t want that is what going for a way and going to the number two toilet is all about it’s about getting rid of the waste that we put into our bodies.

I like to drink about four liters of water a day you may be absolutely going I couldn’t drink that but yes you can and if you want glowing beautiful skin and healthy body and less wrinkles you’ll drink your water. Don’t use the excuse if it has no flavor add some fruit, add some lemon, add some strawberries whatever floats your boat. Whatever you need to do to drink more water just down your water and if you keep a bottle on you at all times you will drink it. The most important part of drinking is definitely in the morning when we wake up because for at least eight hours we have not drunk any water or got any fluids into our body. As soon as you drink water you’re going to feel replenished your skin’s going to sort of get that gorgeous glow that plumpness imagine a prune is very dry and weekly that is what happens to your skin when you’re dehydrated so drink your water guys trust me it’s going to change your life.

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5-Use coconut oil as a makeup

Use Coconut oil as a makeup remover I promise you this is number one beauty secret. Coconut oil is the most amazing Beauty natural beauty kept secret you could possibly imagine it’s hydrating it has anti-fungal and bacterial properties. It’s great for putting on sunburned wounds it’s great for cleaning your teeth it has amazing nourishing and hydrating properties great for putting on the skin it breaks down makeup like that. It is sensitive for putting on your eyes it will not make you blotchy break out it won’t give you sore eyes it’s amazing, I use it on my hair I use it everywhere. So what I like to do is put a little bit of this in my fingertips and melt it. I will then massage it around my face with my makeup on at night even over my eyes and everything and then I like to take a cloth and run it under hot water or warm water and then take the first layer off.

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6-Plant-Based Beauty Products

This skin care tips would be to get plant-based with your beauty products and I mean using products that are one Holy contains no chemicals no parabens no nasties no animal products no milk. In addition, using skincare that is 100% plant-based coming from natural things grown in the earth and honestly, you will be so surprised at how different your skin will feel when you simplify your beauty regime like your skin care. Your skin will thank you we don’t want to be putting on a whole shed load a man-made chemical products that do God knows only. Also, you don’t generally know that if a product is not tested on an animal then there can’t be that many nasty things in it because the reason why products are tested on animals. Because the brand or the company making that product is not sure if it’s going to harm a human so it harms the animal fur so it takes the risk of harming an animal first. So I am in the process of transitioning all my makeup and beauty products into cruelty-free and vegan is going to be a long process.


Those are my time with skincare tips that I’ve always used and they really work for me so hopefully some of the work for you guys as well.

skin care tips

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